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markMark J. Donahue, RN, founded Professional Infusion Consultants Corp. (PICC) in 2001. Today, his team of specially trained RNs applies the newest technologies in infusion therapy procedures and unparalleled service to patients and caregivers.

The multi-lingual PICC Team has years of background in such units as ICU/CCU, the ED, and the OR-plus experience with infant and pediatric populations. PICC's rigorous program of continuing education and precepting prepares each staffer to treat the whole person, with the technical aspects of care, bedside compassion and the willingness to educate the patient and family.

PICC is the first-and one of the only-organizations of its kind. The PICC Team offers a full range of specialty infusion services on-site, providing expertise after hours, weekends, holidays and wherever an IV team is not on staff. This saves staff nursing time, improves efficiency, and ensures greater patient comfort.

PICC specialists use ultrasound technology to identify and evaluate veins during vascular access procedures. High-resolution imaging improves confidence in finding a vein, guiding an introducer, and following a catheter insertion, resulting in a higher rate of first-time insertions.

We provide services in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, infusion suites, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, and patient homes...throughout the greater Chicagoland area, 7 days a week, with triage available on a 24-hour basis.

Infusion procedures-and the range of healthcare services provided via infusion-have become more complex, and often require specialized training and practical experience that staff nurses may lack.

By providing this expertise on an as-needed basis, PICC makes it easy for healthcare providers to operate efficiently, while providing their patients with the best and latest in infusion care.

Our Affiliations

Infusion Nurses Society National Home Infusion Association National Hemophilia Foundation Illinois Hemophilia Foundation Association for Vascular Access