“We’ve been happy to work with Professional Infusion Consultants Corp. since 2001. We’ve been relying on mark Donahue and his staff because they are so professional and very experienced in everything they do with the treatment and care of patients with hemophilia.

PICC is a rarity: they are so knowledgeable, and so accessible. Starting with Mark, they are just available whenever we really need them, with an expertise that is not just with simple IV infusion therapy. They take it further because they can insert central lines, which not all nursing agencies can do or are willing to do.

Mark and his staff care about their patients. It’s not just a job for them to keep the business going. We have patients that will only see Mark or his staff, period. We have physicians that will utilize Mark or his team, regardless of anything else.

The reputation that Mark and PICC have developed in the professional sector is impeccable. PICC surpasses a lot of agencies because o the company’s ability to be available and to respond to calls in a timely manner. Their patients really like and trust the staff’s knowledge in the treatment of bleeding disorders.

Mark and his staff have set a new standard that we use to measure others in the field. And so far, nobody has measured up.

Through Mark Donahue’s leadership, PICC has it all – the knowledge, the caring, compassionate treatment, the technical skill, and the technological wherewithal. We can always count on PICC to serve our patients promptly and professionally. “

Carol, Smallwood, IL

“My son, Terrance, is a hemophiliac. Over a three-month period in 2007, Mark Donahue took Terrance under his wing and showed him how to self-infuse. For about six weeks, Mark started out by giving infusions three times a week. Then he scaled it back to twice a week, then to once a week, and then eventually Terrance was self-infusion all the time.

Mark showed him a lot of techniques, how to do everything correctly, and even giving pointers is the needle skips and how to re-adjust. Mark was very patient, very understanding, and trained Terrance very, very well.

Now Mark calls at least once every three weeks, to see how Terrance is doing. Throughout this whole process, Mark has given my entire family a great peace of mind. We’re all very thankful for him and his team at PICC. “

Tonya Sclaes; Hickory Hills, IL

“I have known Mark Donahue and Professional Infusion Consultants Corp. for over 7 years. When we first developed an IV program, we wanted someone that was experienced and could help us provide services such as PICC line insertions and Mid-Line insertions, and just be an overall IV resource for our customers.
We have found Mark to be extremely professional. He does an outstanding job of serving as an information resource, both for our staff and customers we have recommended to him. Mark does everything in a professional manner. He gets back to customers and our staff on a timely basis, and he’s been extremely reliable. We are a seven-day, 24-hour operation and there’s never been a time when Mark has let us down. He has been extremely dependable. That’s the number on attribute we were looking for and he has fulfilled that.”

Mr. Businaro

“I have known Mark Donahue for over 7 years, and have gotten nothing ut excellent feedback from patients pertaining to his professionalism, expertise, compassion and accessibility. Unlike most nurses, Mark and his staff have made it a point to become specialists in caring for those with bleeding disorders. They have a passion t olearn about ways in which they can improve their services, and it is displayed in the level of care they exhibit.”

Sandy Harris, RN, MS: Nurse Coordinator, Northwestern Center for Bleeding Disorders