Medical Consulting


PICC stays up to date on all aspects of intravenous access: technologies, methodologies, potential complications and methods of prevention, and standards of practice. This makes us an ideal resource to the Chicagoland legal and medical communities.


PICC can assist the legal field in a variety of ways:

Direct — reviewing lawsuit documents and providing expert testimony. We can also help plan strategies and help assess potential liabilities.
Research — providing research and referrals for additional specialized assistance.
A Pediatric Sub-Specialty — a rare and important legal resource, our extensive experience in home healthcare with neonates, neo-pediatrics and pediatrics makes us uniquely valuable in cases involving these patients.


PICC can review, analyze and develop policies and procedures to help prepare health care organizations for inspection by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and with other medical issues.