Education Services


On-Site Training

We provide certifications IV insertion and care, and central catheter maintenance.

Following guidelines of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), we bring programs to your facility that are customized to meet the specific needs of your RNs and LPNs. All programs cover aspects of legal liability, theory and practicum, and include use of anatomical models for classroom practice.

Not only does your staff earn certification, members are eligible to call the PICC Team 24/7 Nurse Hotline to answer questions and troubleshoot problems. Training includes:

  • Legal issues: all legalities of IV therapy are covered, according to the Illinois Nurse Practice Act and IV Therapy
  • Anatomical landmarks, appropriate areas for IV placement, and contraindications
  • Explanation of catheter types and uses
  • IV insertion techniques
  • Tips and techniques to help your RNs and LPNs avoid multiple failed attempts
  • Basic IV calculations and administration
  • Catheter care: proper flushing techniques, troubleshooting, and use of positive pressure devices to prevent clogging
  • Sterile technique for port access and central line dressing changes
    In addition, the PICC Team can provide instruction in use of PICC lines and Mid lines, including training in advanced ultrasound-guided placement. All training programs are conducted at your facility, with your patients.


Give your staff an opportunity to train alongside the PICC Team, providing them with a hands-on, focused experience in advanced IV therapies. There is no better, faster way to enhance your staff’s professional skills and ability to care for their patients.