Home Healthcare Services


Specializing in neo-pediatrics and neonates, we provide the highest quality of healthcare and SAFETY in home healthcare hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. You can depend on the PICC Team to: Happy Mother and Son

  • Work directly in collaboration with the physician and pharmacy concerning prescriptions and preventative care
  • Keep updated medical records
  • Maintain constant communication with patient physicians, keeping them informed on all aspects of the patient's condition (injury, weight levels and subsequent changes in medication doses, overall health)
  • Eliminate un-necessary visits to the ER with our on-call services
  • Teach pediatric patients to self-administer their IV drugs, and train family members to assist
  • Help patients obtain independence and fully participate in their everyday activities The PICC Team works on a PRN basis (typically involving injuries) or on a regular schedule with weekly administration of medications.

Caregiver Consistency

We build trusting and respectful relationships, as only one-to-one patient care can achieve. Patients consistently see the same PICC Team nurse — especially important in pediatric home healthcare. With Team turnover so low, our visits evolve into meaningful relationships that foster lifelong health.